THE SLOPE 斜舍    
Public Toilets Competition     
Suichang, Zhejiang Province, China     
Verasu Saetae     
 Nei Fei (for Chinese Texts)     

Concept :
The toilet located in the highest spot with the overview views of the Cha Yuan Village in Suichang. Surrounding by the aroma of the tea plantation village and nature-reserved, Jiulong mountain.The Slope is not only a toilet but also an observation spot; the visitors can use the roof to rest  after the long journey enjoying the tea they brought or simply be together with the surrounding.

1.Site Location: you can see the whole village at this spot. 

2. TheSlope: Utilising the function, toilet can be a meeting spot for people. 

3.Structure: The roof is made with the wooden frame.

4.Circulation: The plan creates privacy for the male and female toilet. The design the curve wall to guide people.

5.Roof Skylight: To keep the toilet clean and hygiene.

6.Appearance: The exterior of the building is white contrasting with the surrounding of green nature. Enriching by the Chinese Art, the interior is full of life with colours and patterns.

设计理念 :


1.项目位置: 在这里人们可以一览村庄的全貌 


3.结构: 屋顶使用木架结构

4.流线: 平面的布置为男女卫生间创造了各自的私密性。曲线设计的使用为人们提供了卫生间入口的向导。曲线墙也为卫生间日常的清洁卫生创造了储物的空间。

5.屋顶:天窗: 有利于卫生间的清洁卫生维护。


Competition Brief:

Entrants are required to think out of the box and design a 15-30 ㎡ public toilet with the height of 3 meters in the tea plantation in Suichang County, based on hygienic, convenient, safe and energy-saving principles. Besides, management room for cleaning and management should be included. This user-centered toilet should speak for local culture, serving as a building icon that harmonizes with surrounding landscape.

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