A dream of an architect   
Laboratory and arcade for creativity    
Verasu Saetae     
120 Hours Competition 2016     
640 Entries     

An architect in a spacesuit wondering around his dream house.

Isometric drawing – showing the house in a dream of an architect, where he use it to store his architecture artefacts as an arcade of creativity. Here, he is not bound by any constraints of society and monetary issue; it is a playground where he can fully explore his idea. 

An architect 's a

Plan and section drawing: revealing the personal artistic and artefacts of the owner.

Manifesto :
Dreamscape is where creativity at its utmost capacity.

Perhaps a stage of the dreams is one of the quietest, surreal, joyful, terrified places and yet the most creative place. Dreamscape is where creativity at its utmost capacity.  In reality, our creativity is constrained by rules, regulations and monetary reasons. The architectural design process has fallen into a loop of political and economic design pattern, in the case of the big architecture firm, where an architect will be assigned a specific task. The design process has become like a conveyor belt production machine. Should architecture design process has an irregular pattern, free from external forces? As the surrealist artist, Salvador Dali once said: “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers being shackles limiting our vision.” Space is, timeless, shapeless, and deconstructed. Space is free from architecture theories, styles, and regulations.

In the dream of an architect, he imagines a house that would make him happy, detaching from rules, regulations, theories, star architect influences. It is a house with an ultimate arcade space. In his dream, he is wearing a space suit wondering around his arcade of creativity. He brought his childhood memory, his architectural knowledge, and his desire into this storage. His definition of home is far more different from any house; it is limitless and fills with hope and joy, dwelling peacefully with nature, where he fills up his collection piece by piece with architectural elements from classical orders to robotic arms. This arcade is his sub-consequence. It is a laboratory where he can freely explore the meaning of architecture.

Design Breif 

A House Without Function

In the present time the architectural discourse has been shifted to a purely political and programmatic agenda. You are requested to take an antithectical position in order to think about architecture in its most essential and fundamental values.

The current tendency implies a hierarchical order that doesn't consider composition and tectonics until the end of the development of a project.The aim is to revert the normal sequence of the design process. Architectural choices will define a project based on pure spatial qualities rather than economic or programmatic organisation.You are requested to design a house. The house will be a place suitable for human scale. A primary space that is conceived through your own intimate, personal and critical vision of architecture.

Is it then possible to imagine architecture without site and program? If so how can
they complement initial spatial qualities? In the final moment you should investigate these questions and reflect upon them.