The way of the Buyi   
LiangMeng School Canteen + Library     
Team members:     
 C. M. Cheung     
Verasu Saetae     
Competition Proposal for 120hours 2017

Construction of building consists of a Bamboo structure with Polycarbonate Panel and wire-framed stone wall.
The interior of the canteen has provided two entrances for children and kitchen staffs. The kitchen service is located at the end of the hallway. Tables and chairs are arranged in such a way that each person could perceive beautiful mountainsides landscape of Puan City.
Using the linear geometry, one could look to the library from the canteen through the opaque polycarbonate panels. The visual connection would encourage students to visit the library.
Original plate for the submission

Manifesto :
Taking the two materials in abundance from the region, we assign them to the two sectors of one linear building; the ambition is to manifest the DISTINCTIVE YET HARMONIC CONEXISTANCE.  


The orientation of the geometry is intended to create a connection with the existing buildings as well as trying to enclose the fragment of buildings together to form a centre courtyard for the school’s public space. 

The Bamboo House is a light and bright space surrounded by bookshelves, at the centre is a comfortable open space. In contrast, The Stone House is a modest space with a functional array of kitchen, table and chair. 

Between the two space is the entrance area that also allows access to the backyard. The building is built with a unified bamboo structure frame, within it a corridor that goes along, bringing users from one end to the other. Both ends of the building are timber framed polycarbonate panels, which closes the building mass at the same time connect the interior with natural light and the scenery.All of these added together, resulting in a dynamic, yet unified spatial experience.

The array of bamboo in the library will provide a suitable amount of daylight for reading. Since the climate in Puan City has a large temperature different between and day and night, the wall of the canteen is made with stone-filled wire containers to provide an insulation barrier. Moreover, the colour of the stones blends in with the landscape and create impressive interior quality as light is penetrate through the stone wall.