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Denise Scott Brown

posted 28 Oct 2016, 18:38 by Veerasu Saetae   [ updated 24 Feb 2017, 16:22 ]

Personal recap through reading a book from Denise Scott Brown
Verasu Saetae 02-11-2016

Lecture in 20xx

Brown, D. S. (2010). Having words. London: AA Publications.

"To achieve more than pyrrhic victories, architects must, I believe, learn when they can control things and when they can't -- and respond to the later by finding within the polity a driving force, perhaps temporary and fragile, that will help to achieve urban goals"

"Put a group of architects, urban designers and planners in a sightseeing bus and their action will define the limits of their concerns. The architect will take a photograph of buildings or highways or bridges. The urban designers will wait for that moment when the three are juxtaposed. The planner will be too busy talking to look out of the window."

"Young architects who confront social issues often abandon both architecture and urban design, frustrated by their irrelevance -- as practised by many professionals to real urban problems. They embrace instead social or system planning, or projects which demand social and communal concern rather than professional service."

"For the best thing an architect or urban designer can offer a new society to develop a respectful understanding of its cultural artefacts and a loving strategy for their development to suit the needs and way of life of its people,"

"In architecture we dogged by the model of the sciences. For much of this century, architects have tried to escape what they feel to be their discipline's spurious side by cloaking themselves in what they think are the sciences but frequently turn out to be the emperor's new clothes-scientism."