2014 Thailand regular stamps - copy-paste experiment
Verasu Saetae 19-10-2016

A collection of my Happy-Birthday Postcard to my sister in October 2014.

The intention of this post is to pay my respect and condolence to the loss of our King on 13 Oct 2016.
This stamps will clearly contain so many layers of history. 
One stamp could describe social and cultural values and trends in Thailand at the time. 

Ps. This experiment inspired by one of  Thomas Heatherwick Architect 's Christmas postcard experiment. 
This experiment basically copied and experimented on the duplication of the idea in a different cultural and social aspect.
As a result, the post officer did not relate this card as a Christmas tree, nor he could understand the reason to do it.
He said, "next time you just need 3 stamps." In a way, he was the last one who finished decorated this B-day cards.