Virtual Reality for the death   
Verasu Sae-Tae     
Tutors: Arno Freeke &Paul de Ruiter     
Delft University of Technology

A Demo of VR4D

Manifesto :
Inspired by a competition worked with Spacepopular, The Cloud of Resilience.


This project is the experiment using virtual reality as a platform to remember the death. As the world moving towards the cloud technology, many of our personal data are stored online and in many social-media applications. These data could be used as a achieve of photographic and video memories.

Also, as the land price of the cemetery is getting more and more expensive, Is it possible to create an online cemetery? It will be a place for visitors to pay respect, read the autobiography, look through social media posts and photos, interact or perform religious ceremonies with the death.

The design of the VR model is depended on the preference of the death that could hire an architect to design. In this case, it is a traditional Chinese cemetery with typical south Chinese garden.

Due to the export and import reason, the Models are modelled in Maya and later export one by one to Unreal Engine. However, there is still a problem with UV mapping which needed to adjust in the UV editor before exporting.

The materials for the texture mapping are made in Unreal, which is an efficient system of using a material with other features, for example, texture scale according to the distance of the actor's camera.

Many of textures use a normal map, occlusion map, or with alpha according to the materials' effect. For instance, the roof tile and a brick wall would require a combination of different maps.

The blueprints in unreal help to create an interactive game. In this project,  there are a few interactions in this virtual cemetery.

First, there is a time record for the visitor. Next, the VR begins when are in the forest and going to the cemetery, the sound nature will change once you enter the tribute room. And, as you enter the light will trigger and welcome you. Lastly, you will be able to grab the tributes outside and place to respect to the death.

It is a place that one can access online and spend a memorial time to the one you love. Even though one do not have a physical form in the world, the VR4D will allow one to have an existence in the virtual world.