Beauty in the Mon Oncle   
a film by Jacques Tati, 1958    
Verasu Saetae     

Course: AR2A010 Architectural History Thesis     
Tutor : Everhard Korthals-Altes     
Delft University of Technology     

Manifesto :

Research on Jacques Tati’s film: Mon Oncle in 1958 and Richard Hamilton’s collage. The goal towards analysing this film and modern art is to investigate a relationship between modern society, film, and arts. I believe arts such as movies, paintings, advertisements and other mediums that may have contributed to the image making discourse could have an impact on the norms of society and thus also benefit to architectural studies. Particularly, a link between the Mon Oncle and the modern influences, Pop art and advertisement in the 1950s to 1960s, clearly had impacts on French society at the time. It as can be seen in many of mass culture products used in the film, such as a vehicle, cooking machine, razor, cigarette, and so forth. The relationship associated with these objects was to express and promote the social status of being civilised and modern.


Jacques Tati talks with Studs Terkel on WFMT ;  1962/11