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Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand      
Verasu Saetae     
Tutor :Kesate Tadesse     
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saetaeverasu_Learning infrastructure
Perspective -- top views to the site opposite to Jaktujak Market, Bangkok Thailand.
Demographic of Chatuchak area
1st floor- A view of the entrance looking to the tool and skill workshops.
3th floor- Views at the Torturing area and lecture room

Circulation at the center core- passing the cocoon, private reading room.

4th floor- Views at the Reading area 


Manifesto :
  To be self-motivated Learner
Urges ones to :

Thailand has a problem with the learning style which is not self-learning but force to do, told to do, or instructed to do. This type of learning is not what it should be. To heritage this system in to our young generation learning habit will create long term damages to our country’s education system. Self-motivated learning will promote better understanding and encouragement towards ones' interested contents.

Different individuals have different ways of learning style, one might feel more comfortable to learn either by doing, watching or reading. The design of the project developed from different ways to gain knowledge and to promote a self-motivated learner. For example: learning by observation, learning by experience of making or doing and learning from reading. 

Part 1 : Location

Chatuchak Market, or commonly known as JJ Market,locate in the center of Bangkok, close to the Chatuchak skytrain station. It is one of the biggest and unique market, as it sells various stuffs,from antique objects, artifacts, second hand clothes, animal, plants, local food, DIY objects up to various bespoke and custom made items.Not Only is a successful shopping cluster, it is also a home for many local organizations and community clubs, for example  local wood organization, classic music club, plant and animal lover club etc. Those small clubs joined by many of the local people, both the elderly and teenager, who fall in love on the same hobby.

During the weekends, the members of each club will gather together and spend time together. Each club will have their weekly activities, as Classic music band would gather together and perform a live street show. The people in the club will motivate and teach each other a technique and tips, as they play along.

This way of learning emerge from self interest  will push the individual to become good at those faster than regular teaching method.

Part 2 : Guild System

Inspired by local organizations and small clubs at JJ market, the guild learning system will be implement to this learning center, where the people will register to be a member in each particular activity. Each Guild will have his own tool and skill studio and workshop space. 

This method of learning is an attempt to change Thais leaning habit, to become more self-learning and to create motivation in studying. This will be a long term learning infrastructure that will solve the problem of learning in Thai education system.

The guild system used to be our traditional way of learning. In the past, we do not have a school to train people. For example, If a person want to be an architect , they would have go to work in the carpenter shop, to acquire all the necessary skills.

Applying this system in to this learning facility, by let the members of this learning center choosing their own guild to join and to learn form.

Here is the list of guilds one can choose :

1. Carpenter
2. Blacksmith
3. Textile
4. Agriculture
5. Technology

The Circular Plan

Learning from the traditional Chinese vernacular house, the Hakka house. The circular plan of the learning center will be divided for the space of each guild. Each house would have a vertical section of four stories.

Each floor of this guild will be separated according to different types of learning. The first floor will be the knowledge center that will include tool and workshop, it will be the primary start for the learners to choose their topic of interest.The house members will involve in learning by making and produce physical end-products.

The second floor will be the media zone, where the digital media would be install, members can watch online tutorials to get more information and then go down to apply this knowledge at the workshop on the first floor.

The third floor will be provided for space for ask question and classroom, where specialized scholars will answer all the question, the members of the guild would have. Also This place will be a place for lecture and discussion.

The forth floor will be a place for reading and books.
All books will be categorized according to the guild system around the circular plan. In this floor, ones would enjoy a vast reading space in any types of reading gestures: sitting, walking and laying down. For instant, we provided a small garden accommodating
those who like to walk and read.Also, there would also be small cafes and coffee shops at this floor.

Provided that the center on the third floor will be a cocoon, private sound-proof reading space for anyone who seek private reading place.