An interactive threshold for GSM3 stage     
(Proposal) Orange Hall, TU Delft     

Team members: Chenxi Dai     
Romana de Vries     
 Nick van Dorp     
Veerasu Sae-Tae     

Tutors: Dr. -Ing. Henriette Bier & Dr. Nimish Biloria   
Delft University of Technology

Interactivity and behaviour design.
Plan of the stage.
Freestanding frame

System Development
Assemble prototypes


The design approach was inspired from Hyperbody methodology of interactive design “that attempted to provide meaningful interaction with a participant by moving beyond a superficial one-to-one cause and effect interaction and designing a one-to-many interactive system that exhibit emergent behaviour and performed liked a living system.”

The initial concept of the design interaction developed from the movement study of interactive arms which act as robotic creatures that could react to its environment and responds to its users. In this case, the arms will serve as a threshold for the stage, which are embedded with multiple behaviours that could respond to lectures, aud

iences and the surrounding environment in real time. The interaction aims to form a dialogue between users and interactive components. The project challenges the notion of emotive architecture, exploring an aspect of human emotion and kinetic movement.

Report on the process.