Exoskeleton Pier   
Bang Kra Jao Ferry Pier     
Verasu Saetae     
Tutor :AJ Ekapod     
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International Program in design and Architecture     
Chulalongkorn University     



Manifesto :

  Strengthen the community identity
Creating job for local
and Promoting the canal boat taxi service
to reduce Co2 emission.

By looking at the city of Bangkok in aerial images, Bang Kra Jao is a large path of greenery is clearly visible along the bend in the Chao Phraya river. At a human scale, one arriving to Bang Kra Jao experiences a remarkable change between the speed and sensory perception of Bangkok and Bang Kra Jao.

In 1977, the government designated the area as an agricultural and environmental preservation zone for the metropolitan region.  It is protected as an environmental zone and does not mean that it is free of human habitation. Tens of thousands of residents live in the area; some of them farm and maintain the orchards but many of them now hold office or service jobs in Bangkok. This shift in employment resulted in abandoning the orchard land.

When people start to move out to work in the city, the community is slowly loss its identity. It lacks of organization of space and public transportation. Moreover even though it is a preservative site, but the vegetation in the area is not properly managed. 

The proposal aims to promote Bangkrajao port and nearby community to be a new tourist attraction, for its conservation agriculture area along Chao Praya River. The programs added to this ferries terminal is a community boat making and a canal taxi services. The boat making business will enhance the identity for the community and also creating job for the local people. Currently, people in the area rely on the motor-bike to transit to the ferries terminal, where they will park their bikes in front of the terminal. However, with the canal taxi service, the local people could be able to travel along the canal in Bangkrajao; this will come along with the improvement of resurfacing and vegetation control along the canal.